Eröffnung Scharffsches Haus/Vernissage Kerstin von Gabain

Das Scharffsche Haus wurde am 7.10.13 mit einer Ausstellung von Kerstin von Gabain eröffnet:

The exhibition “City of Broken Furniture” was recently presented at MAK (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art) in Vienna. Taking the collection of the museum as a starting point, Kerstin von Gabain reflected on the museum’s collecting practice and its functions. Taking photographic ‘portraits’, for instance of MAK’s collection, and combining them with a medical-seeming treatment of furniture, the subject of the exhibition could be understood in a metaphoric way and suggested these pieces’ supposed anthropomorphization. In Lüneburg, an adapted version of “City of Broken Furniture” will be on view in the context of the Leuphana orientation week 2013 “Future. City. Life!”.

Kerstin von Gabain is a Vienna based artist who is represented by Galerie Gabriele Senn (Vienna).