APRIL 24/25/26 2015

72 hours of pure and beloved sitting together, drinking and chatting and watching tons of YOUTUBE CLIPS. Accurately curated by the team of Zum Kollektiv, an equisite selection of the finest clips, including classics of youtube history, some of the newest shit as well as the litte, unknown pearls of beauty, will be shown to a broad audience.

The non-stop stream of unconciousness will be accompanied by numerous activities such as bullshitbingoDeluxe, dawnofthegagLimited, beerpongIKEAstyle or beardornoBeard. Scientific research and presentations will be tolerated.

Submissions of every kind can be suggested to 72H@zumkollektiv.de

24.-26. april at VITRINE / Bleckeder Landstr. 4 / Lüneburg / Germany

Feed me with youtube links!